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Latest Build


The latest build file is the most recent recompilation of the WBAR 7 program set. It contains code fixes, updates, and feature enhancements added to the program and is updated each time our programmers make significant changes.    Latest Build
  Message Header Files These files may need to be downloaded in order to use the internal message center. Header files contain parameters that are passed between WBAR and the SMTP server when text messages and email messages are transmitted.   Headers
  Runtime BDE Files  

The Borland BDE runtime files are needed to support acces to he DBF data files used by WBAR 7. Other applications also use the BDE system so it is not required in all cases when installing WBAR 7.



    BDE Library


  Convert WBAR 5 or WBAR 6 Data Sets Use this conversion program to convert data from older versions for use with WBAR 7.       



  CutePDF Printer Driver  

The CutePDF driver will allow users to print and save printed documents to a PDF file which can be viewed with Adobe Reader.






The PrintKey program will allow you to capture and print any content displayed on your computer's monitor. Pressing the PrtScn key on your keyboard activates the process and captures what is being displayed on your screen. You can then print, save, or copy that image into other programs.







  Request a New Password  

WBAR 7 requires a registered password to unlock the system for full access. Your password is located on the CD and must be installed to your hard drive before you run WBAR 7 to process transactions. If you lose your CD and change computers, you must email us to request a new unique password which can then be verified and emailed to your location.