Frequently Asked Questions

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  1. What does this software cost  ... ?

  2. Will it run on a network  ... ?

  3. Does it work with electronic meter collection devices ... ?

  4. What version of Windows do I need ... ?

  5. Can I convert my existing data ... ?

  6. How long does it take to learn to use ... ?

  7. What kind of support is there ..?

  8. What are some of the features  .. ?

  9. What's included when I purchase WBAR 7 for Windows ?

  10. How can I get a demonstration version of this software ?

  11. What kind of bill form does WBAR 7 for Windows print on ?


What does it cost  ... ?

WBAR 7 for Windows is normally priced at  $1,195 for the single user (server) version.   

To run WBAR on a network with multiple users, the network version must be installed. The network version is $1,395. 

 Order online now.

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Will it run on a network ... ?

Yes. WBAR 7 is fully compatible with either a dedicated server or peer-to-peer network. Files are shared over the network to allow more than one person to work in the system at the same time. For example, one person could be editing meter readings while another is entering payments. The system can grow as you do by adding additional workstations only as you need them. WBAR 7 will allow up to 20 simultaneous network users.

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Does it work with electronic meter reading devices .. ?

Yes. Tri C sells hand held meter collection devices made by DAP technologies. We also have adapted our program to work with many other equipment manufacturers. The WBAR 7 program allows the meter reading data to be imported and exported in ASCII formatted text so that almost any type of device can be used.

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What version of Windows do I need ... ?

WBAR 7 for Windows will run in Windows XP, Vista (32 or 64 bit versions), Windows 7 (32 or 64 bit versions) and Windows 8.

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Can I convert my existing data ... ?

Tri C Systems has successfully mapped and converted dozens of existing data bases to work with WBAR 7. In most cases, the critical parts of your existing data base can be converted allowing you to add to and edit the remaining data . Tri C can look at your existing data files and tell you how much of your data can be imported into WBAR 7.  

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How long does it take to learn to use ... ?

The answer to this question will depend on your familiarity with Windows based software. Those who have worked with Windows before will find the program very intuitive and easy to use. In most cases, operators will need to go through two or three complete billing cycles to become fully familiar with all of the functions built into WBAR 7 for Windows.

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What kind of support is there ... ?

For new users, WBAR comes with 120 days of unlimited technical support with purchase. There are also free How To training videos available on the web site.

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What are some of the features ... ?

 WBAR 6 for Windows was designed to be a powerful yet easy to use program.
A few of the time and work saving features are :
......and dozens of other convenient functions built in.
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What is included in the purchase price  ... ?

All of the software and support you need to assemble a
complete utility billing solution.
WBAR 7 for Windows Installation CD                                    
           CutePDF printer driver for creating PDF files
           PrintKey for capturing screen images
           Live Chat tech support
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How can I get a demonstration version of this software ?  
You may request a free trial version by clicking on Downloads, then Free Trial. Trial versions are fully functional but limited to 10 active accounts.

What kind of billing form does WBAR 7 print bills on ?

WBAR 7 print bills on white or colored laser postcard forms. The postcard billing forms come four to a page with pre-perforated stubs your customers can return with their payments. Card stock billing forms require less handling and use less postage to mail, especially if you use the optional bulk mail and pre-sort bar coding features. WBAR permits you to print from a variety of pre-designed bill form layouts and also permits the printing of customizable messages and graphics on the back side of your bills.